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As it states in the bylaws, the primary mission of the McGowan Hall Foundation (a 501c3 non profit), is to: 

  • Raise funds for the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of historic McGowan Hall and grounds at 1305 N. Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN 46202

  • Foster civic integration and cultural enrichment through uplifting, family-friendly programming

  • Educate the community about the rich heritage of McGowan Hall through engaging, relevant adult and youth programs

  • Execute proper archival, cataloging, and display of club artifacts and documents dating to 1899

  • Serve as a social haven for people of good will who strive to encourage a spirit of good works and humanitarian virtues 

100% of funds raised support the aforementioned efforts. Donations are tax deductible. To avoid any online processing fees, checks can be made out to the McGowan Hall Foundation, Inc. and mailed to: 

McGowan Hall Foundation

Attn: Robert Newport

1305 N. Delaware St. 

Indianapolis, IN 46202

For more information regarding donor opportunities, contact: 


Robert Newport

McGowan Hall Foundation Executive Director


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